PREP Board

The PREP Board is made up of elected RM officials who set program parameters and deal with issues that arise with rural municipalities, ADD Boards, government, and others. They focus on developing effective policies and procedures to eradicate rats in Saskatchewan.



Division One: Teresa Walker - 306-435-7224 -

Division Two: Ray Beck (Chair) - 306-436-7405,

Division Three: Bill Owens - 306-962-7462,

Division Four:  Mike Yaskowich - 306-554-7477,

Division Five: John Serhienko - 306-497-7008;

Division Six: Gerald Gerlinsky - 306-843-2902;

Sask Pest Control Officer Association Representative: Grant Peeling - 306-631-7141;

Sask Agriculture: Rich Wilkins - (306) 787-5207;

SARM Board of Directors Representative: Carmen Sterling - 306-861-1097;