PCO Supervisors

The 2018-19 CAP-Rat Control Program (CAP-RCP) will continue to contract the services of a Provincial PCO Coordinator and 6 PCO Supervisors, one in each SARM Division.

Their duties and responsibilities include advising and assisting PCOs, RMs and Regional Pest Control Committees by providing technical support and consistent and uniform delivery of the rat control program in Saskatchewan.

If you require technical assistance, please contact PCO Provincial Coordinator, Grant Peeling or the PCO Supervisor located in your SARM Division:

Provincial Coordinator:  Grant Peeling - 306-631-7141

Division 1: Henry Fieseler - 306-743-7875

Division 2: Ryan Budd - 306-631-7350

Division 3: Stewart Biech - 306-778-0715

Division 4: Colette Melnychuk - 306-269-7067

Division 5: Neil Mooney - 306-934-4782

Division 6: George Dresser - 306-228-3184