PREP Warns of Increased HANTAVIRUS Risks

PREP Warns of Increased HANTAVIRUS Risks
Jun. 25, 2014

PREP Warns of Increased HANTAVIRUS Risks as Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Reports Hantavirus Death. 

One of the big concerns discussed at length during the recent SPCOA convention in Moose Jaw was the population explosion of deer mice in our province this year. Along with deer mice, PCOs are also seeing an increase in the numbers of rats, ticks, snakes, etc. 

Of course, with this comes the increased risk of coming in contact with the Hantavirus. This is all brought home by the recent announcement that there is now one confirmed death related to this virus in Southern Saskatchewan.

PREP is asking RMs to ensure all ratepayers are aware of the risks and the steps they can take to protect themselves from this deadly infection. 

As noted in the Ministry of Health News Release of June 24, 2014:

“Exposure to hantavirus can be reduced by avoiding contact with rodents and contaminated airborne particles.

  • Block openings that might allow rodents to enter a building;
  • Store human and animal food, water and garbage in containers with tightly-fitted lids;
  • Be aware of animal droppings and nesting materials when cleaning a home or other buildings. 

When cleaning rodent-infested areas, people are advised to reduce the risk of contaminated air particles becoming airborne, and prevent direct contact and inhalation.

  • Ventilate the building by opening doors and windows for at least 30 minutes before cleaning;
  • Use wet mopping methods and wear gloves; 
  • Wear goggles and a filter mask when cleaning areas contaminated by droppings in a confined space;
  • Dampen areas contaminated with rodent droppings with bleach disinfectant and remove droppings with a damp mop or cloth; and
  • Avoid using dry cleaning methods such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming or air-hosing.”

Valuable information and precautions with respect to the Hantavirus can also be found on the Ministry of Health website at

There are steps we can all take to protect ourselves.  Please be sure to share this to help prevent any further tragedies due to the Hantavirus infection.


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