The Provincial Rat Eradication Program

The Provincial Rat Eradication Program (PREP) was established in the spring of 2010. Its goal is to promote uniformity and consistency in rat control methods towards the eradication of rats in Saskatchewan. Sask Agriculture funds the program through the Agriculture Fieldworker Policy and SARM administers the grants to rural municipalities. Since 2010, the program has grown with greater funding and RM participation.

Each of the six SARM divisions are represented by an elected Board member and a Regional PCO Supervisor. View the Map for contacts in your area.

2017-18 Program Guidelines and the Statement of ComplianceFarm sites are based on Statistics Canada 1976 Census unless the use of a more recent Census is requested and justified by the RM.  A copy of the township and farm site numbers PREP references is available is now avaiable: PREP - List of RM TWPs & Farm Sites by Statistics Canada 1976 & 2006 Census.